A slower April but plenty of Spring inspiration


So far April has been a slower month.  The children were off school for over two weeks.  We took a trip to see family in Ireland and then spent Easter at home.  There was little time to paint but I tried to keep up with the sketching.

Sketching on the plane on our trip to Ireland proved fun.  Not very flattering images of my daughter and husband but then my daughter was also trying to sketch me – and my husband was doing his best to avoid being drawn!  My son, meanwhile, was wriggling too much for me to catch him!

The younger members of the family in Ireland only sat still to eat and play video games.  I was able to grab a very brief sketch of one of my nephews doing the latter!

The weather in recent weeks has been fine and warm.  The trees are coming into leaf and the birds are singing.  Spring has definitely arrived!  I took a lovely walk around the Hambleton peninsula (Rutland  Water) last week and gained inspiration, sketches and photos for a number of Spring related paintings.  Here is the first I have so far managed to create.  Mixed media (water colour/acrylic/oil pastel) on paper.

Field gate Hambleton (mixed media on paper 18x13")

Field gate Hambleton (mixed media on paper 18×13″)







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