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Pastels ..again

Oooh! So many to choose from……

photo pastels


Choosing a colour from my box of pastels is much like choosing a sweet treat from a box of chocolates- they all look so tempting! And with no palette and brushes to contend with I can just get stuck in.

Having enjoyed painting the Titchwell Reedbeeds in pastel last week- and still being enthused by the wonderful light I experienced there- I decided to do another pastel piece. Here it is. I thought about naming it Reedbeds Revisited but that sounded too much like a TV series. I’m going for the movie sequel approach instead .


Reedbeds, Titchwell 2 (pastel on mount board, 29x29 cm)

Reedbeds, Titchwell 2 (pastel on mount board, 29×29 cm)

I am taking lots of inspiration at the moment from the pastel paintings of Sarah Bee (   I think her combination of the use of both hard and soft pastel is wonderful. Oh to be that talented!


Sunshine and showers

Reedbeds, Titchwell (pastel on mount board, 29x29 cm)

Reedbeds, Titchwell (pastel on mount board, 29×29 cm)

The early May Bank Holiday weekend regularly features a family trip to North Norfolk and this year was no exception.  The warm and sunny weather of recent days broke – typical Bank Holiday!  However the sunshine and showers created wonderful light and fantastic cloud formations.  The reed beds at Titchwell RSPB reserve positively glowed!

Last days of Spring? Summer is on the way..

The freshly ploughed fields locally are now long gone. Everywhere is a mass of glowing yellow – oil seed rape. However scudding clouds and sunshine/showers are still present – and these are what I have tried to capture in 2 studies of fields close to Tinwell. The paintings are based on sketches and photos made a month or so ago when the crops were just appearing through the brown earth and only the edges of the hedgerows were tinged green. Since then we have had penalty of warm sunshine!  Feels like summer may be round the corner…