Here’s an experiment.  We all love a little quiz, don’t we?

I thought it would be fun to paint the same image twice but in two different media.  Each is about 8″ x 8″ and painted on board.  However one of them was painted in oil and the other in acrylic.  But which is which? And which do you prefer?  Is your preference based on colour or texture – or something else?


6 thoughts on “Double-take

  1. Tina

    I’m going for 1 being acrylic and 2 being oil. Only because it looks like there are more layers of drier paint on no. 1, which I think is easier to do with acrylic. I’ve never used oils, but I know they take a long time to dry!
    I like the lightness and contrasts of colour and tone in no 1 and the intensity of no 2, so hard to say which one I prefer…hmm, will think about that! Well done! X



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