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More Yorkshire Dales!

Here are a couple more pieces inspired by my trip to the Yorkshire Dales.  Variations on a theme but both in mixed media this time (a mix of oil pastel, watercolour, acrylics and acrylic inks).  I loved the dry stone walls and had fun trying to create an impression of these.


Scottish weather

Path around the lochan (30cm x 30cm mixed media on paper)

Path around the lochan (30cm x 30cm mixed media on paper)

It’s sunny today – as it was yesterday…before the hail arrived!  Such is the mad weather one might expect in the Scottish Highlands rather than the English East Midlands.

This painting records proper summer weather – in the Scottish Highlands.  Having cycled off road along the banks of the glorious River Feshie we dropped down through a forestry plantation to a wonderful small lochan (small lake).  The light was fabulous and although it was tempting to take the path around the loch we decided to defer for another day.

This is another mixed media piece – watercolour,acrylic, oil pastel and acrylic ink.  The midges were too small to paint 🙂



A view from early March

View from the bird hide, Egleton, March 2016

View from the bird hide, Egleton, March 2016 (12″ x 10″ mixed media on paper)

Another mixed media piece.  This records the view across a rather deserted lagoon at Rutland Water nature reserve, Egleton.  All was quiet that morning and the scene had a very calm quality about it.  I liked the contrast of the light reeds with the dark mass of trees and dark shadows in the water


Patchings Festival 2016


I am delighted to discover today that my painting ‘Spring stream, Barnsdale Woods’ (see last post) has been accepted for exhibition in the Leisure Painter category at the Patchings 2016 Art Competition and Exhibition and another, ‘Bluebells near Easton on the Hill’, has been ‘highly commended’ and will be shown on the Patchings website (  To have been selected for exhibition is very special.  My work will be seen by hundreds of visitors to the art festival between 9 and 12 June and judged by artists I greatly admire.


Spring at Rutland Water

Spring stream, Barnsdale Woods (30cm x 30cm mixed media on paper)

Spring stream, Barnsdale Woods (30cm x 30cm mixed media on paper)

For the time being the trees are not yet fully in leaf and the views are more expansive.  The run-off from the rain sodden Barnsdale Woods makes its way in small streams down to Rutland Water. In this painting I have tried to capture that Spring feeling of space – of the clear view of water and sky.


Last days of Spring? Summer is on the way..

The freshly ploughed fields locally are now long gone. Everywhere is a mass of glowing yellow – oil seed rape. However scudding clouds and sunshine/showers are still present – and these are what I have tried to capture in 2 studies of fields close to Tinwell. The paintings are based on sketches and photos made a month or so ago when the crops were just appearing through the brown earth and only the edges of the hedgerows were tinged green. Since then we have had penalty of warm sunshine!  Feels like summer may be round the corner…



A slower April but plenty of Spring inspiration


So far April has been a slower month.  The children were off school for over two weeks.  We took a trip to see family in Ireland and then spent Easter at home.  There was little time to paint but I tried to keep up with the sketching.

Sketching on the plane on our trip to Ireland proved fun.  Not very flattering images of my daughter and husband but then my daughter was also trying to sketch me – and my husband was doing his best to avoid being drawn!  My son, meanwhile, was wriggling too much for me to catch him!

The younger members of the family in Ireland only sat still to eat and play video games.  I was able to grab a very brief sketch of one of my nephews doing the latter!

The weather in recent weeks has been fine and warm.  The trees are coming into leaf and the birds are singing.  Spring has definitely arrived!  I took a lovely walk around the Hambleton peninsula (Rutland  Water) last week and gained inspiration, sketches and photos for a number of Spring related paintings.  Here is the first I have so far managed to create.  Mixed media (water colour/acrylic/oil pastel) on paper.

Field gate Hambleton (mixed media on paper 18x13")

Field gate Hambleton (mixed media on paper 18×13″)