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A couple of plein air sketches

Now that summer is officially here I am hoping to spend more time painting ‘en plein air’ (out in the field).  To get me in the mood here are a couple of paintings I made in early May using my small 6 x 8″ pochade painting box. Not only were the paintings made ‘in the field’, they WERE of a field….on a sunny morning…!


Those lazy days of summer…

Fields looking towards Empingham (oil on board 8x10")

Fields looking towards Empingham (oil on board 8 x 10″)

Summer – where was it?  Fortunately I was able to catch some of the few warm days we experienced in what was a pretty poor summer. Fields that had been yellow with oil seed rape earlier in the year suddenly turned warm yellow in mid July.

River Feshie (water colour sketch 21 x 13 cm)

River Feshie (water colour sketch 21 x 13 cm)

A short trip to Chester and two weeks in the Scottsh Highlands provided some great sketching opportunities and I managed to take lots of photos.  Here is a small water colour sketch made next to the beautiful River Feshie.

After a fairly quiet time of it in August I am now back to painting in earnest in preparation for a pop art show in October in support of MNDA.  Watch this space for more details!