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Reclaimed by nature

Inspired by the ’30 days wild’ campaign run by the Wildlife Trusts every June, I visited my local nature reserve a couple of weeks ago on a lovely sunny morning and these mixed media pieces are the result.

The reserve is Ketton Quarry Nature Reserve, which is run by Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust. As the name suggests, the reserve is what was originally a working limestone quarry and I found it absolutely fascinating.  Some of the original stones remain and these are very much being colonised by nature.  The place was a quiet oasis of wildflowers and butterflies.  I’ll definitely be visiting again.  If you are interested in checking it out for yourself, here’s a link http://www.lrwt.org.uk/nature-reserves/ketton-quarry/



February paintings

We had a little snow in early February and I ventured out to Rutland Water for my first plein air (outdoors) trip of the year.  I took my small (6×8″) pochade box and acrylic paints.  Dressed in many, many layers (including 2 pairs of gloves at one point!) there was a limit to how long I could paint but here’s my small effort – and a selfie to prove I was actually there!


The heavy, brooding skies also inspired me to paint two pieces based on views above Ketton .

Inspired by a cold walk on The Meadows I also created another very small acrylic on board (see below)

Stamford from The Meadows (acrylic on board 10x5")

Stamford from The Meadows (acrylic on board 10×5″)