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Bringing the outside in

California Poppy (6″ x 8″ oil on board)

I’ve been meaning to paint the California Poppies in my garden for weeks.  They are such cheerful things – opening up in the mornings to greet the sunshine and then closing up in the evening when it starts to get dark.  It’s been so hot though that I didn’t think I could manage to sit out there and paint them so I decided to pick just one flower, pop it in a tiny vase and retreat to the relative shade and cool of my kitchen to paint it there!


Lemons on blue

Lemons on blue (daily painting)

Lemons on blue (daily painting) (6″ x 6″ acrylic on board)

Many thanks to those who have been following my antics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and for the likes and comments.  It’s great to get such support and encouragement.

Here is a small still life to end the week. It’s a bit of a zingy one!  I had fun playing around with yellow and blue.


The advance party

The advance party

The advance party (6″ x6″ acrylic on board)

It’s been a gloriously sunny Autumn day and this morning I went out collecting conkers.  I just love their colour and shine.  I am told that a bowl of conkers keeps the spiders away.  Probably an old wives tale but I will experiment and let you know!

I always find setting up a still life a challenge and this was no different.  How do you arrange conkers to look ‘natural’ and avoid them all lining up as if on parade? The conker on the bottom right appeared to be bravely marching towards me whilst the others lagged behind.  Hence the title.  I think I might have had too much sun….

A splash of colour

To chase away the January blues I thought I would share a bit of colour.  A couple of oranges  led to three small paintings …and a juicy snack!